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We’ll keep it simple: We need your help to send the best & brightest leaders to Detroit City Hall and the Michigan State Senate and House of Representatives in Lansing.

Not just one or two great leaders, but a full slate of smart, progressive, visionary people working together to shape Detroit’s future.

It’s time to take the Detroit Declaration to the next level — with real political action.

Welcome to our new Political Action Committee (PAC) — a vehicle to support candidates who are committed to moving Detroit forward, guided by the principles of the Detroit Declaration.

We invite you to participate in the PAC by donating to the fund in support of promising future leaders.

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August 2014 Primary Election Endorsements:



November 2013 General Election Slate:



  • District 1 – James Tate (Website)

  • District 2 – Rick Bowers (Website)

  • District 3 – Scott Benson (Website)

  • District 4 – Andre Spivey

  • District 5 – Adam Hollier (Website)

  • District 6 – Raquel Castañeda-López (Website)

  • District 7 – Gabe Leland

  • At Large – Saunteel Jenkins (Website)

  • At Large – Roy McCalister (Website)

Detroit Council District Map


The 2013 municipal election will be the first time in nearly 100 years that Detroiters will elect the city council from defined districts. Historically, Detroit’s nine City Council members have been elected at-large with each of them representing the city as a whole rather than a particular district. With the passing of Detroit’s new City Charter, which took effect on January 1, 2012, only two members are elected at-large, and seven members are elected by district.

Click here for an interactive map from Data Driven Detroit


In June 2013, we announced our endorsements for the Primary Election:


  • District 1 – James Tate (Website)

  • District 2 – Rick Bowers (Website)

  • District 3 – Scott Benson (Website)

  • District 4 – Khalil Ligon (Website)

  • District 5 – Adam Hollier (Website)

  • District 6 – Vince Keenan (Website)

  • District 7 – Dustin Campbell (Website)

  • At Large – Saunteel Jenkins (Website)

  • At Large – Roy McCalister (Website)

For the full Declare Detroit Slate announcement with candidate bios, click here. For the full list of declared candidates from the Detroit News, click here. For Declare Detroit’s evaluation & selection process, click here: 2013 Candidate Evaluation


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