Detroit Declaration

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What is the Detroit Declaration?

The Detroit Declaration is an organizing document for people who love Detroit, who sense that there is a growing tide of consensus about what our city must do differently to thrive, and who are willing to invest time and energy into the political process to see that consensus emerge on a transformative scale.

What is the purpose?

This is a movement to elect leadership who will be our allies in a new vision for Detroit and to hold them accountable for upholding the principles outlined in the Declaration.

Who can sign the Declaration?

Anyone who loves Detroit and cares about its future is welcome to sign the Declaration. But words alone won’t move us forward — we need ACTION. By signing the Declaration, you are making a personal commitment to promote these principles in your daily life and work. Furthermore, you are agreeing to help elect leaders who support them and advocate for policies that uphold them.

Who is behind this?

The Declaration was drafted by a diverse coalition of individuals who share a common vision for the city’s future, but the movement belongs to all who sign it. The Steering Team meets monthly with monthly committee meetings.

Steering Team: Bethany Betzler, Austin Black II, Michael Brady, Nicole Brown, Sam Butler, Nichole Christian, Matthew Clayson, Kim Clayson, Jess Daniel, Emily Doerr, Brian Ellison, Bradford Frost, Khalilah Burt Gaston, Shannon Gaston, Neil Greenberg, Francis Grunow, Mike Han, Ponsella Hardaway, Ritchie Harrison, Adam Hollier, Erik Howard, Tammie Jones, Eddie Lee, Roland Leggett, Andy Linn, Emily Linn, Robert Linn, Sean Mann, Kirk Mayes, Claire Nelson, Ben Newman, Spencer Olinek, Betsy Palazzola, Dalton Roberson, Michelle Srbinovich, Sarah Szurpicki, Michael Tasse, Steve Tobocman, Kirsten Ussery, Sandra Yu.
How can I get more information?
Please join our Facebook page for updates & events. For media inquiries, contact bradford.frost[at] or clairernelson[at] Please note that this is a volunteer-driven grassroots movement with no staff, office or budget. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.
Media Coverage:
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Detroit Free Press (March 20, 2010)
Model D Media (March 23, 2010)
TIME (March 25, 2010)
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City’s Best (May 5, 2011)
Open IDEO (November 10, 2011)
Detroit Free Press (December 13, 2011)

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