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May 20, 2013, 8:44 pm
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Declare Detroit seeks your input on electing progressive, community-based leadership this year. We’re hungry for leaders who will put problem-solving above rhetoric and hold themselves accountable to residents first.

Part of our leadership ethos is to be transparent with our endorsement process. Below, you can see the objectives and criteria we have set to support a city-wide slate of council district seats, at large candidates and Mayoral endorsements.

Please read the criteria and then fill out this Declare Detroit Endorsement Form to help us know who you’re supporting in this years primary elections.

NOTE: All Endorsements are DUE BY MIDNIGHT, MONDAY, MAY 27.

Together, we can make a decisive difference in the 2013 Detroit Primary.

Thank you!

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Declare Detroit wants to identify, encourage and support the best leaders possible for the city council by district races. While Declare Detroit will endorse in every race this year, and offer a full slate of candidates, we are most eager to support candidates in the council by district races.

To be effective, our candidates should bridge the values and principles of the Detroit Declaration, carry the confidence of other community-based leaders in their districts, and demonstrate the competence, disposition and grit required to execute a viable campaign and steward complex decision making and collaboration skills once in office.

Finally, candidates must be accountable on behalf of their districts, and able to integrate city-wide challenges and long-term solutions into their district agenda.


  • Alignment with and support of Detroit Declaration Principles
  • Prior leadership experience
  • Local support — who else has endorsed/supports candidate
  • Professional support — how community based groups and organizations have evaluated the candidate
  • Soft Skills — How the candidate would work with the council, the district (residents, businesses and organizations), the Mayor, Detroit Future City, the Emergency Manager, among others
  • Candidate’s overall understanding of the job and the ability to link district needs with city-wide progress
  • Ability to win — campaign fundraising, competency, energy, determination, competition
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